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Read inspiring stories from people across Southern California who have found hope and healing through their recovery journey with us. These testimonials showcase the impact of our support, dedication, and personalized care. They reflect the varied experiences of our community and highlight how our commitment to individual healing makes a difference. These stories reveal the strength and potential of recovery, offering encouragement to those on a similar path.

“Not too long ago I hit rock bottom when I got my second DUI. I realized I needed to find a rehab away from all the things that were making me want to drink if I was going to get better. Lumina found me a bed in a beautiful location two hours away from home. I am now 3 months sober and better able to deal with the stress at home. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Lumina’s help!” -Robert L.

“I was finally ready to get help but I was so scared to go through withdrawals and have to talk about my past with a stranger. The people at Lumina patiently answered all my questions and talked me through the process. When I was finally ready, they set me up with a rehab that had everything I needed. The service at Lumina is unmatched.” -Sarah C.

“I knew I had an addiction but I put off getting help for over a year because I wasn’t ready to let go of the pills that were helping me deal with my depression, even when I knew they were hurting me. After I woke up in the hospital, I knew it was time. Lumina helped me find a center that would help me with my depression and addiction at the same time. I will never regret asking Lumina for help.” -Ruth E.

“I thought getting clean on my own was my only option because I needed to keep working and support my family. The people at Lumina helped me find an outpatient center just a few minutes from my job that worked with my schedule. Getting sober has been hard but Lumina helped make it so much easier.” -Amal K.